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Welcome to Whisper Tree Candle Crafters online. We manufacture gel candles in Jay, Vermont. Gel candles are the cleanest and longest lasting of any candle in the marketplace. A typical Gel Candle will burn several times longer than a wax candle. Our gel is a mixture of food grade mineral oil and a polymer. The polymer is necessary to "suspend" the oil. Burn as you would any other candle. As the candle is burning you will notice that the container remains remarkably clean and soot free. Because any remaining gel can be easily removed, you may wish to re-use the original container. As with wax candles, you should keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch.

We now carry layered candles:

1.   Fall Harvest
2.  Winter Wonderland
3.  Spring Medley
4.  Summer Citrus
5.  Independence
6.  Woodlands
7.  Lifesavers
8.  Waterfall mist

It is through the use of only the highest quality ingredients that we can offer the following (remarkable) burn time:

10 Ounce Container 170 hours
18 Ounce Container 330 hours

For additional burn times, sizes, and prices see our Products page.

We currently have a total of 80 scents in 12 different containers.  All of the scents are available year around.  Please see our Scents page for a list of scents.


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Jay, Vermont 05859
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Fax (802) 326-4083

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